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Draw Your Own City!

Joana's workshop concept was selected by Scene to be part of the Maps exhibition. She developed the concept and created the artwork for this workshop. 

Each person moves within a city as unique as their fingerprint. The objective of the workshop is to enable people to share their experience of the city by creating their own personalised maps and finding out more about the city where others exist.

Participants are invited to draw their own maps of London, which should reflect their everyday lives. Then, we proposed a representation of their city based on the emotions and finally the last exercise was either to choose one sense and map London accordingly, or to map the city according to their senses.

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Taking Root

Erect Architecture and artist Ashley McCormick challenged visitors to explore the garden of Camden Arts Centre and propose spacial interventions that would change the way how that space is experienced. Joana worked as a part of Erect Architecture team to create the 1:2 model of the site and to receive visitors and help them creating their own proposals. Each new proposal would evolve from previous ones, like the evolution of DNA strings throughout generations. She also assisted in summarising the results.

Later that year, as a result of the workshop, two spacial interventions were built in Camden Arts Centre garden to be enjoyed by the community that lead to their very existence. In the photo you can see Joana and her friend Tiago relaxing on one of those structures.