Are we good enough?

The other day, scrolling through inspirational/ cheesy/ outright frustrating phrases on social media, I encountered one that particularly stroke a chord. In pretty handwriting, written over textured papers, the words read as follows: “I need to change. I’m not me yet.”

This sentence says, quite clearly, one of the main messages of this day and age. Adds, social media, newspaper articles, celebrities with good intentions - they all keep telling us that we are not good enough. This idea that I am not me yet – I need to perfect myself towards my fantasy self – is a very profitable one, from a business point of view. We are promised we can achieve our fantasy selves if only:

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How can I find extra time in my day?

In a world where access to new information and ideas is so easy, where thousands of options are within reach, many of us feel that our limited time is stopping us from reaching our full potential. If only we could have 48 hours in a day, to be able to both house all our projects and spend leisure time with people we love!

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