Sex is better than guns

"Violence" and "sex" are often in the same bucket. Films are not appropriate for children if they have too much violence, but they are outright forbidden if they have steamy sex scenes.

It puzzles me how society came to put these two complete opposites within the same box. A gun kills, sex creates life. Weapons bring devastation and misery, sex brings joy and life.

If we see children playing war games, playing to shoot each other, we say nothing. But wait for a child to appear naked in their parents dinner party! Adults will scold or ridicule, and tell them to put clothes on.

Sexuality has been so repressed throughout times that a natural instinct became a soiled thought. While war and destruction are glorified through history, sex is relegated as a debased need, a proof of our animal side that should be stifled. 

But what about the violence induced by sexual instincts? What about rape? Would a more free attitude towards sex increase these problems? My guess is: absolutely not. If sex is faced in a more natural way, we will be less scared to talk about it. As we have recently seen, talking about sex and abuse protects the victims, who feel safe enough to denounce their attackers. Furthermore, if sex was seen as a natural part of life, we could all be educated on how to deal with a natural instinct from an early age, no shame involved. Perhaps less people would feel their natural instincts repressed, and the urge to rape and abuse would be diminished.

Let's love, let's know our bodies. Let's stop saying sex is a dirty word. Let's bare our bodies and show the world how great life can be.

Let's make, once and for all, Tess of the D'Ubervilles a story from the past.