"I hate my life" and other useful feelings

During the day I am invaded by a variety of emotions that drive the way I act. Sometimes those emotions are recurrent and change the way I perceive myself.

If I have been having problems at work, I feel anxious and frustrated.  If my relationships are in a good shape I feel I am invincible. If I am away from the people I love I may feel unable to cope, fragile and threatened.


If I canalise this energy into art I am:

- doing self therapy

- questioning who I am.

- making art that will speak to others and to my future self.

Ideas to put this in practice:

If you just had a very frustrating day and feel like you want to scream and hit someone, do something vigorous:

- dance alone

- draw in broad, strong lines, not worrying about detail

- play a music that reflect your feelings

- build a piece of furniture

If you feel annoyed with someone, why not create a character based on them? I keep a character folder where I write about all sorts of people that raise emotion on me.

If you are in love, let it all out in your favourite medium. Write a poem, draw, compose a song. Even if these will never get an audience, the most important audience will be you in a few years. It will be the perfect way to freeze a memory. Or you can give it to the person you love, as a token of your affection.


Happy creations!