A Year of Sobriety

New year, fresh page. I look back at the last years, spent in London, the city of luxuries and endlqess work hours. 

It is a sophisticated trap, a window of wonders. You can have any lifestyle you want, it promises. You can be happy.

However, that happiness is always just around the corner. We work and work and the money is just enough for that little bit of luxury that leaves us yearning for more. “If only I had more money”, the city thinks in unisson.

What is the way to fall out of the trap?

Working endlessly, making risky investments, swindling others. All of these can make us financially wealthier, but pursuing a mirage is fruitless. The mirage of perfect life, shown in adverts, TV shows and our friends facebook feed, is bound to go further and further out of reach.

Why else would the rich and famous commit suicide in their perfect mansions? Or drink themselves to death at their pristine mahogany tables?

On this first day of the year, it struck me that the answer to this riddle might just be at our reach.




What if we look for happiness beyond the answers the world is offering? 

What if we go against the wish to have more, more and more? 

Here are my prompts for a better 2018:


1 - Tranquility


If I am deep inside a lake, I see all sorts of troubles. Fish eating fish, animals being trapped in old plastic bags, rotten plants sinking slowly. If I sit by the lake, I see my face on a peaceful mirror that hides all of this.

A person who is too deep inside their troubles will only see chaos. A person who is too dettached from the world will see nothing but a beautiful mirror. 

This year I wish to see both the troubles inside the lake as well as the beautiful tranquil surface, and to understand my place within the water and keep my capacity of going above it.


2 - Sobriety


There is the real world - a place of joy and suffering, a place of pain and hope - and there is the false world.

The false world is shown on Facebook feeds, which display only the joy in people’s lives. The false world is unveiled on adverts, carefully cleaned and made so nothing is out of place. The false world is exhibited in TV shows that bring us an image of the perfect family in the perfect house, where sadness never enters.

If I do not let myself be fooled, I can see the false world for what it is - a promise that cannot be kept. I will be able to go on a voyage to find my own happiness, to see my own promised land.


I hope you have a wonderful 2018, travelling towards your unique mirage of happiness, created inside your heart.