An open mind, a selective mind.

Being open minded is the first step for a creative mind. 

How can I open my mind?

1 - Observe the world around you with a fresh regard.

Suggestion: sit at a cafe or train station and observe those around you, as if you were seeing humans for the first time. The last time I did it I ended up laughing at the silly shape of the human hand, with five thin fingers sticking out of it.

2 -  Abstain from judging before analysing and understanding the situation from all possible points of view.

Suggestion: Think of someone you strongly disagree with. Write their arguments on a paper and study each argument carefully. What is the reasoning behind their position? What is driving them to think that way? Would you ever, under any circumstances, agree with them? Perhaps if you were born in a different family? Or if you had different friends?

3 - Dive into the unknown.

Suggestion: Go to a library and pick up a book you would never read.

 "This is all very good, but I don't want to be contaminated by ideas I don't agree with and by books I despise!" says my Bad Side, with a look of contempt.

Every experience I have, every article I read, every video I watch will become a part of me. The more I do something, the more it changes me. What if I don't want those new things to be a part of me?

How can I have a mind that is both open and selective?

Keeping an open mind is the key to find out new things about the world. Having a wider understanding of what's out there allows us to select what we want to keep taking in.

In a world constantly bombarding us with new information, it takes a big effort to be selective.

I have to keep reminding myself: "What is easily available is not necessarily what I want for myself. Look for different worlds and select which ones to take inside you. Keep looking for different worlds. Keep your eyes open.

I am the world where I choose to live, but to choose wisely I have to know how the other worlds are.


- Do something you have never done before, something you would not normally consider. It can be as simple as watching a film outside your comfort zone or as crazy as going bungee jumping. You may like it or you may not - either way, you will learn something new.

- Re-read a book or re-watch a film that you have loved dearly. The more times you re-read or re-watch, the more you will incorporate that book or film in your identity.

Keeping a mind that is both open and selective is one of the secrets of a creative mind.